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Editor – Mileva

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Behind the editing scenes, Mileva is a passionate cook. Her kitchen is a safe haven and her spice rack is packed with flavors from all over the world, such as Japanese rice vinegar or Brazilian farofa. If you ask her, oregano should be a staple spice in your pantry.


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Since discovering how well spices transform a dish from bland to enjoyable in seconds, Alex became sold on using spices to better three of his major passions—gardening, cooking, and writing.


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Randell loves experimenting in the kitchen (with his family and friends as willing victims). He sees cooking as a great adventure. To enjoy that, he believes this is the recipe: a tad of creativity, a dash of courage, a pinch of humility, and a ton of love.


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Whitney Faulconer lives in Kentucky and loves to write. She also enjoys cooking and trying new flavors and spices. She combines her passion of writing and food to create information to share with others.



Alexandra is a passionate writer with a deep appreciation for food – not just as nourishment but as an expression of culture, a reflection of history, and a celebration of life. She knows that everything in life requires a little spice – and gets a kick (get it?) every time she achieves the perfect combination of heat and depth.

eate information to share with others.